A Little Known Secret For Low Price Luxury Condo Rentals

If you have thought of vacationing for a week in Puerto Valletta, Mexico, you were probably disappointed to find that weekly condo rentals run about $1200 a week, as do most hotel rooms. What if you found a Hot Deal on a luxury condo that sleeps 4 for $375 a week, or less than $54 a night? Would you think it’s not possible?

What if we let you in on a little known secret that could let you find luxury condo rentals on the beach in Puerto Valletta or any other great vacation destination at a 75% savings?

There are thousands of people that vacation at the most luxurious resort locations around the world, by taking advantage of the wholesale pricing on condo rentals that membership card holders enjoy, with no gimmicks or timeshare tours involved.

The way the program works is that your lifetime membership, which costs a nominal fee, entitles you to thousands of resort condo’s or townhomes that are available for weekly rental. These are available any time, with no blackout dates and located at top destinations around the world. Of course, if you have flexibility on your dates, you can take advantage of the biggest savings through the Condo Hot Deals.

Regular member prices are less than a half or a third of regular retail prices. That means you can save as much as two-thirds and up to 75% off luxury vacation condo rental. In fact, you can spend a week in a spacious and luxurious 1100 square foot condo for a little more than one night in a 350 square foot luxury hotel room might cost.

Once you have used your condo card, you will pay for the membership in savings on your very first dream vacation. Many people have found that they can take their family on the dream vacation in the Florida Keys, take their spouse on that second honeymoon in Hawaii or stay in the Caribbean or Mexico for less than the price that many people pay for their new plasma television!

Many of the condo rentals offer luxury accommodations for up to 6 people and you can save the cost of multiple hotel rooms. Many condo card holders love the extra space with separate rooms, fully furnished kitchens so they can cook their own food, and they love to eat on the balcony overlooking the ocean at sunset or just relax in the hot tub. All of the condos are different configurations, in various destination locations, so you can get wholesale pricing on the once-in-a-lifetime vacation you thought you could never afford.

Of course, a condo card membership makes a great wedding present that will buy a lifetime of memories for that favorite newlywed couple. You can transfer it anytime before your first booking, and they can take their dream honeymoon at one of the most romantic locations in Hawaii, the United States, Europe, Bahamas, Asia or other great locations.

There’s no reason for anybody to settle for a third of the space and pay more money for a hotel room, when you can stay in fully furnished, luxury condo rental on the oceanfront, beach or other exotic locations at wholesale pricing using your condo rental membership card.

Luxury Condos In Laguna Hills California

If you could choose to live anywhere in the country, where would it be? You may dream about living on the beachfront in Miami watching the waves crash from your bedroom window. You may wish you lived in Las Vegas and could watch the bright lights flashing on the strip. You may want to live in Colorado with snowcapped mountains right outside your door. Whatever your dream may be, luxury condos are available throughout the nation to make it an affordable reality.

What are the benefits of buying a luxury condo?
Luxury condos are available to rent, to buy in timeshares, or to buy as the sole owner. If you are single and looking for a primary residence or a married couple looking to buy a second home, luxury condos are smart, affordable investments. They are usually cheaper than homes and are convenient for people who cannot afford a large mortgage. Condos are also usually smaller than most homes so they are nice for single people or small families that do not need the space of a house.

Other benefits to owning a condo are the onsite amenities that many condos offer such as: pools, hot tubs, fitness centers, tennis courts, sand volleyball pits, clubhouses, playgrounds, etc. Condo owners are usually not responsible for the maintenance or repairs of those amenities because they pay a monthly condo fee that covers those costs. Some condos may have small front yards or community courtyards and most condo fees cover the maintenance costs of those also. Another benefit to owning a condo is having close neighbors and usually being conveniently located near shopping centers and employment centers.

The drawbacks of owning a luxury condo
One drawback that was previously mentioned as a benefit is the proximity to neighbors, shopping centers, and business districts. Depending on each owner, this can also be a downfall of owning a condo. Many condos are stacked or have joined walls, so you may have to deal with loud, obnoxious neighbors. Also, some people prefer to be away from shopping centers and busy streets because of children. Lastly, the condo fee may be a drawback for some. If you are not interested in using the condo amenities, you are still required to pay the condo fee.

Planning for retirement
Once you retire, you may want to permanently move to the place of your dreams. But, have you ever considered buying a condo prior to retirement? In most cases, if you buy a condo prior to retirement you will not be able to occupy the property full time. If you can only take a few weeks of vacation during the year, consider renting out your condo during the times that it is vacant. Condos on the beachfront or in tourist locations are in high demand and you could make quite a profit from occasional renters. The money generated from renting the condo can pay your mortgage or simply supplement your retirement fund.

Luxury condos can be a great place to live permanently, or they may be a great place for your family to escape to for a few weeks out of the year. Whatever you use it for, you will find that owning a luxury condo is an affordable, satisfying investment.

Luxury Real Estate In South Florida: The Top Three Locations For Miami Luxury Condos

Miami luxury condos are easily one of the top real estate property options found in the South Florida region today. Their popularity has been so immense that they are numerous projects which are currently in development in order to cater to the high demand for these exceptional property options.

If you happen to be one of the many individuals who would like to purchase the most outstanding real estate property options within the region then you should look into the best locations where you can find the best luxury condos within Miami and we have provided our own compilation of what we believe to be the top three locations for Miami luxury condos that offer the most exclusive luxury options that can be found within the region today.

Bal Harbour

The upscale village of Bal Harbour is a truly pristine paradise location found on the northern section of the barrier island known as Miami Beach in South Florida. It is home to a number of high-rise residences such as the Bellini Bal Harbour, Harbour House, One Bal Harbour, and the St. Regis – all of which are found within close proximity to the village’s world-famous Bal Harbour shops where people can expect to find many designer brands, signature names, and many other options will are sure to enhance the luxury of living within such a fabulous location.

Sunny Isles

Further up north along Collins Avenue is a glamorous city that is known for being able to offer people with a world-class opportunity to indulge in sophisticated living within a setting that showcases the South Florida horizon at its best. Miami luxury condos located within the city of Sunny Isles Beach are among the most impressive condos in existence today as they are lined up along the white sand coast like gems right by the ocean. Acqualina, Jade Beach, Jade Ocean, La Perla, Trump Palace, and Trump Royale are among the best high-rise residences within the city of Sunny Isles Beach.

South Beach

Down south the stretch of Collins Avenue and along Alton Road are many superb luxury condos which are part of the South Beach neighborhood which happens to be one of the most hip and happening places within the city of Miami Beach. If you are looking to purchase Miami luxury condos in order to experience the best that South Florida has to offer then South Beach is definitely going to be one of the best options for you as you will be surrounded by an extensive selection of shopping areas, dining options, recreational choices, and a world-class selection of high-rise residences such as the 1500 Ocean Drive, Bentley Bay, Il Villaggio, Setai South Beach, and the W South Beach which are luxurious real estate property options that are guaranteed to provide you with the highest degree of luxury possible.